Hot Weather Hiking Tips
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May 11, 2018

Hot Weather Hiking TIps

Summer is here and it brings scorching temperatures. If you’re like most hikers, you’re not going to let the heat stop you from getting out there. If you’re planning a hike this summer, safety is of utmost importance to remain healthy, happy, and thriving. Here are three hot-weather hiking tips you need to know before you hit the trails.

1. Know the Best Times To Hike

Set your hike up for success by doing some pre-planning. Before you lace up your boots and head out, take a look at the forecast. Typically, the hottest time of day will hit around 3pm. Avoiding peak times will help you have the most successful hike.

Can’t avoid peak heat times? That’s ok, just make sure your hike leads you around a body of water around that time to take a quick break, refresh, and pick back up when the heat cools back down.

Hot Weather Hiking Tips

2. Dress in the Right Gear

Boots are a must, but choose wisely. If you need extra support for your ankles, a higher ankle boot like the Escape Hiker Boot is a great choice. If you want something a little lighter for the warm weather excursion, the Solo Hiker Boot might be a better choice.

Now let’s talk clothing. Shorts are a absolute must for hot-weather hikes, but getting the right fit is even more important. Because you’re constantly on the move, you need shorts that will move with you. Our Lightweight Duck Carpenter Shorts are made for situations just like this.

The lighter the fabric the better. Not only will it not weigh you down, but it will also prevent a hikers worst nightmare—chafing.

For your top, make sure it’s light in color and fabric. Dark colors hold onto heat, which will spike our internal temperature. Performance clothing is best for hikers. Typically, performance wear like our Performance Cooling Shirt is designed to cool the body by releasing body heat trapped inside. This will keep you regulated through even the most gruelling hikes.

3. Keep Hot-weather Essentials in Your Pack

While it’s important to keep your backpack or pack light, it’s crucial to be prepared with hot-weather essentials. Water, sunscreen, first-aid, and did we mention water?

One of the most common injuries a hiker experiences during summertime is dehydration. Having ample amounts of water handy will help you stay healthy and hydrated throughout your hike.

Even though you’re not at the beach, you still need sunscreen. Lathering up in a high SPF will ensure that you don’t suffer from sunburns or heat strokes.

Ready to hit the trails? Now that you know a few of the most important hot-weather hiking tips, you’re almost ready to get out there. Stock up on hiking essentials by clicking on the button below so you can tackle even the most challenging hikes with confidence.