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Dickies Cargo Shorts for Men
Whether you’re on the construction site or in the shop, our men’s cargo shorts are perfect for any job. Our cargo shorts prove to be one of our most popular shorts time and time again because of the comfortable fit, quality construction, and versatility. Stop tugging, pulling, and shifting your current poor fitting shorts—opt for something better.

Durable Shorts for Work & Play
We get it—you’re a busy guy. Your day is filled with endless activity no matter where you. You need clothing that is going to keep up with your busy day. At Dickies, this is something we keep in mind when crafting all of our men’s clothing. We ensure that everything we create is both functional and fashionable. Our men’s cargo shorts are no different. You can easily transition from a day on the job to a night of casual drinks with the buds. Infused with stain-fighting technology and permanent creases, you’ll always look your best.

Why Choose Dickies?
Dickies is synonymous with quality. Since 1922, we have crafted durable, comfortable, and timeless pieces for the blue collar man. We design every piece of clothing with your needs in mind. You crave comfort, but you also want to look put together too. In every collection that we produce, we keep these priorities at the core. In our cargo shorts, pants, and workwear, you will never have to struggle with an ill-fitting waistband, wrinkles, or weak stitching. Stop wasting your time with cheaply made clothing and stock up on workwear that is designed just for you.