Waterproof Construction
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March 30, 2018

Best Waterproof Gear for Construction Workers

In Canada, we get our fair share of rainstorms. The weather is constantly changing, keeping us on our toes. For guys that spend their Monday through Friday behind the blue-light of a computer screen, an impromptu storm is no biggie. For us guys that spend our weekdays with a tool belt around our waist, it’s a different story—the rain puts a real damper on our workday.

While getting your hands dirty may be what you love most about your construction job, when the rain starts to pour, it’s important to keep those hands safe and protected. Hands, feet, arms, and legs—everything.

The Best Work Rain Gear for Construction Workers

Staying dry and protected on the job is easier than you might think—you just need the right gear. We’ve been studying guys in the construction field since 1922, designing clothing equipped for any type of storm. Here’s some of the best work rain gear you can have in your arsenal.

Waterproof Construction

1. Nylon or Polyester Based Clothing

Nylon and polyester based clothing will be your go-to for light to medium rain. These fabrics are made with waterproof fibres that will not only keep you dry, but also keep you cool. They are light and airy, easy to throw on and off, and can be thrown in a bag without creasing or wrinkling.

Our Rigid Duck Hooded Jacket is made with a unique blend of polyester and nylon filling, along with other waterproofing materials that are built for even the harshest storms.

2. Sturdy Rubber-Based Boots

The last thing you need is to slip and fall on the job. Letting something like the wrong pair of shoes be your downfall is not the way you want to end your career. Be smart and invest in a pair of rubber-based boots

Rubber or PVC based work gear is probably what you’re thinking—it’s simply normal workwear, most commonly boots, that are covered in an outer layer of rubber like material.

Why rubber? To start, it’s extremely durable. Rubber is also completely waterproof, and best of all, it’s immune to soaking—aka no more purple, shriveled up toes.

Our 6-inch and 8-inch work boots are just what you need. They’re fully lined with moisture wicking performance fabric and finished with leather to keep your precious little piggies perfectly content all day long.

3. A Basic Rain Coat

Finding the right rain gear for work doesn’t mean you have to shell out loads of loonies. A simple raincoat does more than you think.

An inexpensive raincoat, throw, or poncho over your workwear will do just as good. They provide an added layer of protection without weighing you down. Obviously, these aren’t meant for heavy-duty storms, but when a light drizzle or rain comes your way, you won’t have to weigh yourself down with another piece of clothing.