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The Most Popular Work Pants on the Market
Since 1922, the Dickies name has been synonymous with quality. Our twill pants have become a staple in men’s wardrobes for decades. Why? Our pants are unlike any other. Built to last, each pair is equipped with stain release components, wrinkle resistant fibres, and permanent creases, creating the most popular work pant on the market. Each pair comes in a wide variety of fits, styles, and colours to ensure the best fit possible for your lifestyle. Start shopping our most popular pants ever.

The Only Twill Pants You’ll Ever Need
At Dickies, we know men. You love what you do, but you’re not too fond of donning uncomfortable clothes all day. Each pair of our twill pants is crafted from the best, most comfortable and durable materials to ensure the best fit each and every time. From our Original 874, to our slim fit work pants, or our khaki dress pants, we have something that’s perfect for you. Not only will you look clean and polished in these pants, but also get the day-long comfort you crave.