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Durable Double Knee Pants for Every Occupation
Dickies is known for providing quality workwear for men. Our double knee pants are built for hard working guys. No matter if you’re in the automotive or construction industry, our double knee pants will ensure the utmost safety and protection on the job. Our double knee carpenter pants come equipped with multi-pocket features, come in a wide variety of colours, and are designed to fit any build. Shop our versatile collection of double knee pants below.

Shop Our Versatile Double-Knee Pants Collection
No matter if you’re a painter, in constriction, or hospitality, our double knee pants can blend seamlessly into your day. Equipped with a reinforced back yoke to follow the body, reinforced hems, and reinforced back belt loop, there’s nothing these pants can’t stand up to. Dickies has been setting standards in men’s workwear since 1922 and continues to do so through innovative construction techniques. Get yourself a pair of Dickies double knee pants today.