Men's Pants

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Gear Up Like a Pro
Our quality constructed men’s pants are the only choice for guys who work hard and play hard. No matter if you’re taking charge on the job site, or closing deals in the office, our collection of men’s khakis, work pants, double knee pants, and cargo pants will help you look and stay sharp all day long.

Quality Construction
We construct all of our men’s pants from quality, sustainable materials to ensure you’re always in good shape. Crafted with durable fibres, we are able to create sturdy, yet breathable pants so you can stay comfortable and protected throughout the day. It’s no wonder men across the globe have relied on our quality men’s pants since 1922.

Comfortable Fit
Our collection ranges in cut, style, and construction, allowing you to finally get the fit you’ve been craving. Choose our original fit for all day comfort, our regular fit for a more modern look, our relaxed fit for a more laid-back appearance, or our loose fit for a roomier feel. Compare up to four different styles of our men’s pants to ensure you take home the right pair of pants for your lifestyle.