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What is Flex Fabric?

At Dickies, we’ve reinvented the standards for men’s pants. With our Flex Fabric, you’ll never have to worry about getting a pair of ill-fitting slacks, shorts, jeans, or shirts ever again. Our innovative Flex Fabric is designed to move with you. Built with modern stretch fibres, our collection of Flex Fabric pants won’t cling to your body. The resilience of this fabric will have you questioning why you ever thought raw denim was a good idea. See what all the hype’s about and shop our most popular style of men’s pants now.

Our Collection of Men’s Flex Fabric Pants

We’ve infused our modern Flex Fabric into a wide variety of our men’s pants collection. From jeans to khakis, we’ve ensured that every part of our men’s pants is designed with comfort in mind. We’ve combined mechanical stretch yarns with denim and other materials to give you a better range of motion while delivering comfort and ease of movement. Try out a pair of Men’s Flex Fabric Pants today for a more comfortable tomorrow.