Kevin Bludso, owner of Bludso's BBQ smiling at two patrons in a bar setting.
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of Hard Work

Dickies has always been made for those dedicated to forging their own path to shape the world we live in. They’re linked by an inherited spirit of hard work, passed down from generation to generation in families and cultures around the world. We caught up with world-renowned pitmaster Kevin Bludso, lowrider Kay Kaoru, and singer-songwriter Kona Rose to learn how the generations that came before them continue to influence their work today.

Forging Their Own Path

Three distinct stories of today’s makers inspired by past generations.

Kevin Bludso checking on the temperature of his barbeque outside.
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Mechanic Kay Kaoru posing next to a vehicle.
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Singer/Dancer Kona standing in front of a brick wall with her hands in her pockets.
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A Tradition of Extraordinary BBQ

For 100 years, generations of ordinary people have worn Dickies to do extraordinary things. Pitmaster Kevin Bludso makes extraordinary Texas-style BBQ using skills passed down from his “granny.” Every bite of Bludso’s BBQ represents four generations of passion, work ethic, and humility.

A quote saying 'a hard days work is nothing to be ashamed of' with Kevin Bludso looking at the camera.

As a kid, Kevin spent summers working alongside his great-aunt in Corsicana, TX, away from his Compton, CA home. “Granny” taught him to make BBQ using simple instructions—but BBQ is never simple. It requires patience, dedication, and a little bit of love.

Today, Kevin’s BBQ is world-famous and tells a story that starts with his great-grandfather, pays homage to Granny, and humbly represents the streets of Compton with a wink and a nod to Corsicana.

Two images, Kevin putting spice on meat while smiling on left. On right, a work shirt of Bludso's uniform hanging from a pit opening.

Kevin shares his family’s story not only through food, but also in the way he mentors the new generation of Black pitmasters. He keeps Granny’s legacy alive by championing and training aspiring BBQers, just like she trained him all those years ago.