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Dickies x Jameson

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Dickies X Jameson

Dickies x Jameson raises a glass to the bartenders, the barrelmen, the skaters, the artists, and the tradespeople who share our passion for hard work. We’ve designed this collection in dedication to those who—like us—feel a rush of pride when they look back on the hours, sweat, and willpower poured in the stubborn pursuit of perfecting their craft.

Dickies x Jameson

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    To those who have raised a glass with us at the end of a long day on the job, this one’s for you. Dickies x Jameson features exclusive workwear decorated with Jameson’s signature colors, barrelman graphics, hardware inspired by copper whiskey stills, triple stitching that pays homage to triple-distilled Jameson Whiskey, and hidden flask pockets—sláinte!

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