Gifts for Every Type of Guy

Can’t figure out what to get that guy on your list? Here we provide you gift ideas for all types of guys. Keep reading for gift ideas for your bro or your motor-head man below.


Corporate Guy

Corporate Guy

If you had to guess where your bro would be at any given moment, and the answer is “at the office”, you’re guy is a corporate guy. He thrives to be the most productive, sales-generating man in the place. His roadmap to success is his own personal planner. This guy is particular, and most definitely already owns a watch, but what he can’t have enough of is quality work pants. Give him the gift of timeless style with a pair of Dickies pants.


Outdoorsy Guy

his guy would rather be anywhere but confined to the walls of an office. He’s always dreaming of the next big adventure and would rather “fly by the seat of his pants” than iron them. This guy needs quality clothing to keep up with his resolve. An extreme puffer jacket or casual fleece would fit seamlessly into this guy’s closet.


The Jock

This guy can always be found either watching or playing sports. He needs a versatile piece of clothing that is both casual and durable. This guy would thrive in the bold colours of a flannel jacket—no doubt about it. Pair that with a pair of comfortable and durable jeans and he’s ready to head to the sports bar to cheer on his favourite team!

Motor Head

The Motor-Head

This guy has mad style. He’s calm, cool, and into all things that rev. This guy will greatly appreciate anything that accompanies his rough lifestyle, such as a quality leather jacket, two-toned work shirt, or a pair of nice gloves. If your motor-head works as a mechanic he may already own a pair of Dickies Original 874® Work Pant; but maybe it’s time for a fresh pair. The perfect gift for your motor-head!