Fabric Spotlight: Fleece

Winter is here, and with it comes freezing temperatures. If you’re sick of shivering your way through the day, give fleece a try. Fleece clothing is made from materials and fibres that are designed to keep you warm.
Didn’t know that? That’s ok—here are five more things you should know about fleece for a warmer winter.


5 Facts About Fleece You Should Know


1. Fleece Is Named After Sheep

While fleece doesn’t necessarily come from sheep, it’s named after their woollen coat. It’s cheaper than traditional wool, but not itchy, making it the perfect winter option. Sherpa lined fleece is even closer to experiencing sheep's wool for extra warmth!


2. Fleece Dries Quickly

Stuck in the rain? No problem. Fleece is designed to dry quickly. Fleece is made from strong fabric that is breathable no matter if it is wet or dry—and it’s super soft. So if you get stuck in the rain with a fleece jacket on, you’ll be dry and warm in no time.


3. Fleece is Durable

This fabric is made up of Polyethylene terephthalate. What’s that? Commonly called PET, these fibres are made from plastic-like materials that are commonly found in soda and detergent bottles. These synthetic fibres are extremely durable, and help create that super soft material that we love so much. How long does your fleece last before it needs replacing?

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4. Fleece is Lightweight

Unlike wool, fleece is lightweight, making it a great layering option. Some fleece jackets are thin and some are designed thicker, but both are lightweight. This makes it more comfortable to layer up this winter without feeling bulky.

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5. Fleece is Environmentally Friendly

Because this fabric is made of man-made materials, it can be made with recycled plastic bottles and similar PET plastics—just like our Khaki Collection. For every meter of fleece, about seven or eight plastic bottles are kept out of a landfill. Most fleece jackets can also be created with recycled fleece, making this material one of the most environmentally friendly.