Dickies Everyday Essentials

Dickies has been long defined as a staple in the working man’s closet. Since 1922, we’ve built durable and comfortable men’s clothing for all men—no matter the occupation. If you’re new to the Dickies brand, we welcome you with open arms and want to assure you that you won’t be disappointed with any of your purchases. We’ve gathered a few of our best selling essentials so you can get a full feel of our brand.



Khaki Pant

Every guy needs a solid pair of khaki pants. They’re timeless, comfortable, and can work in just about every situation. Wear them in the office, to a bar, or simply hanging out with friends—you’ll always look and feel your best.

Our brand is conscious of the waste problem in the world. That’s why we craft all of our khaki pants from recycled materials, so you can feel even better about purchasing a pair of Dickies khakis.


Flannel Jacket

No matter what season it is, every guy needs a flannel jacket. Flannel jackets are stylish, functional, and versatile. They’re perfect for layering and can even be worn on their own. The colourful designs and patterns give you the effortless style you crave. Simply throw it on and head out—you’ll look and feel great all day long.


Classic Pocket Tee

Every guy needs a good fitting, classic pocket tee. Guys everywhere have come to rely on our pocket tees as a staple item in their wardrobe. They’re thick, easy to style, and go with virtually everything. Need an undershirt? How about running errands? Grabbing lunch with the guys? Wherever you’re going, you’ll always look great in a classic pocket tee.

Our collection of tees comes in a variety of sizes and colours. From white to black and everything in between, stock up on our quality tees to make your morning routine even easier.

Dark Jeans

Fitted Dark Wash Jeans

Have you been rocking the same pair of jeans since 2005? Ditch the baggy jeans and get yourself a pair of fitted, dark wash jeans. Not only will you appreciate the comfort and fit, but so will the ladies.

Having these jeans in your arsenal will make your life so much easier. Dress them up with a slick button down or slap on a fresh white too for a more casual look—you’ll get the same comfort from your current pair of jeans, but you’ll get the benefit of effortless style.