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November 2, 2018

Cold Weather Favourites

The leaves have changed, fallen, and gone into hibernation—winter is here and it’s doing more than just hiding the greenery around you. Winter is here to change up your daily life. Gone are the days of waking up five minutes before you have to leave. We now have to add more time to shovel the snow away and defrost our windows. Gone are the days of leaving the house in shorts, tees, and a pair of flip-flops. We’re now bundled up so tight that we can barely move.

If you’re in mourning over the sunny days behind us, don’t worry, you’re not alone. To help cheer us up, we’ve taken a positive spin on this chilly situation. We’ve compiled a list of our cold weather favorites.


1. Sledding

Try going down a hill feet-first on a plastic toboggan without smiling—it’s impossible. One of our favorite parts of winter is enjoying the sleet and snow around us. Grab a sled, grab some friends, and hit the sloped for a day of fun in the frost.

Cold Weather Favourites

2. Skiing and Snowboarding

Yeah, yeah, yeah—we know. This is the most basic and most obvious cold weather favorite, so of course it made our list. Can you blame us? Hauling ass down a mountain strapped into a board—there’s nothing like it. Winter in Canada is made for the extremists of the world. Slip into a pair of winter-approved coveralls and slide down the gnarliest mountains, we guarantee you’ll hit the slopes at least one time this winter. .

3. Take a Date Ice Skating

Who says summer is the only time for love? Bring your summertime crush into the winter season like a champ by taking her ice skating. Guide her around the loop like the pro that you are and show her that you’re the perfect man for her. Treat her to a hot cocoa and reminisce about your summertime adventures while bundled up together. .

4. Switching Up Your Wardrobe

Don’t think of the cold weather as an inconvenience to your wardrobe. Think of all the amazing possibilities it brings to your daily look. Men’s winter clothes give your ratty tee’s a break and lets you look a bit more polished. Leather and suede winter boots take your look from casual to classy and give you that extra edge. If you’re a blue collar man, don’t let the cold weather get you down. Swap your light puffer for a beefy insulated jacket to stay a boss on the job site.

Winter isn’t that bad. Embrace the cold weather, frosty winds, and snow covered everything—it won’t hurt. Slap some snow chains on your car and get out there and enjoy the cool temps before they’re gone..