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October 26, 2018

Four Things Construction Workers Need This Winter

Rain or shine, as a construction worker, you’re always on call. Work doesn’t stop for the seasons, and in Canada, this can be quite a challenge. Canadian winters are unusually frigid. If you’re struggling to stay warm in the below zero temperatures, we’ve got your back...and your front. Here are four things that every construction worker needs to have on hand this winter.


1. Track the Weather

See that weather app on your phone? It’s going to become your best friend this winter. Every morning, track the forecast. This will help you prepare for unexpected weather changes or inevitable downtime when a storm makes conditions unbearable.

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2. Stock Up On Winter Workwear

During the winter, dressing in layers is critical. Before the winter hits, stock up on some workwear essentials. Get a new pair of insulated pants, like the Duck Logger Pant that provides extra protection and warmth. You can never go wrong with a new pair of work boots either. Our Blaster Boot is a winter favorite. With a higher ankle, reinforced toe, and leather finish, these industrial boots stand up in even the harshest conditions. You can also benefit from a new jacket or some layering pieces, like our ever-popular fleece jackets.

We have an entire collection of winter workwear designed especially for construction workers, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find the right clothing.

3. Know How to Handle the Cold

Knowledge is power. In some cases, the winter gets extreme. It can lead to something called cold stress that can wreak havoc on your health. Before the winter season, conduct a comprehensive cold weather training session with your construction crew. No matter if you’re a manager or not, knowing the different types of cold stress and health risks associated with winter conditions is key to getting through a brutal season.

4. Prep Your Machinery for the Winter

Your equipment is everything on the job. When it’s not working, you’re not working. During the winter, your machinery can be subject to damage. Before the season starts, check for cracks, cuts, or signs of wear. Repairing damaged spots will help keep them from getting worse or potentially damaging the machine further.

During the season, clear out any snow, debris, or ice from the hydraulic arms, tires, and undercarriage. Also, make sure your windows are free of dirt. Dirt can cause an excess of ice build up and damage the integrity of your windshields and windows.