Innovative Quality

  • The Fit

    Improve comfort, mobility, and performance on the job with a quality, custom-like fit. Stretch, reach, bend, and climb without having to shift or drag your clothing to move with you. Move with ease and perform better than ever.

  • The Fabric

    Built for today’s workforce, we’ve injected easy care, wrinkle resistant, and stain release fabric in all of our Shop Collection clothing to ensure a lighter, more durable wear. Moisture wicking fibers keep you dry and cool throughout your gruelling work day.

  • The Function

    Every detail of our collection is engineered with the comfort of the worker in mind. Function is crucial for a productive work day, and in our clothing, you’ll accomplish even more than you ever thought possible. Our new field-proven automotive collection is equipped with features like our innovative Flex fabric, stain release, wrinkle resistance, and moisture wicking—all the function you need to meet the demands of the job.


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