Versatile Utility Pants

  • In All Sizes

    Available in 26” to 70” waist, the 874 work pant is the most comfortable option. Find the perfect fit for your body without the hassle of searching through store after store.

  • In Many Colours

    Khaki, navy, charcoal, black, dark navy—four great colour choices for you. Easy to care for, these versatile pants will make your morning routine even quicker.

  • In Every Workplace

    No matter if you’re tackling a clog in the bathroom or closing deals in the office, you’ll always look and feel your best in a pair of 874’s.

Who Wears 874?

  • Automotive

  • Construction

  • Hospitality

  • Lawn and Pool

  • Maintenance

  • Remodel and Painters

  • Transportation

Working Hard So You Don’t Have To

Built with sturdy fabric, you’ll always feel your best in this pair of hard-working, utility pant. Please watch the video below.