Flex Performance Icons

  • Flex Fabric

    Exclusive to Dickies, our Flex Fabric is designed with blue collar men in mind. We get that you’re put through the wringer day in and day out, so we’ve created our own durable fabric to keep up with your resolve.

    Flex Fabric
  • Resists Wrinkles

    Tired of the disheveled look on the job? We’ve got you covered. We built our Flex Fabric clothing to have wrinkle resistant properties so you and your team always look polished both on and off the job site.

    Resists Wrinkles
  • Stain Release

    You’re no stranger to dirt, grease, and grime. That’s why we’ve injected stain release properties into all of our Flex Fabric clothing to ensure the longest lasting, strongest clothing for your workday. Fight stains without even lifting a finger.

    Stain Release
  • Moisture Wicking

    No two job sites are the same. One day, you’re in an office, the next, you’re in the rain. No matter what environment you end up in, you’ll always be protected thanks to the moisture wicking properties built into our innovative Flex Fabric.

    Moisture Wicking

The Flex Collection

  • Bottoms

    We’ve built a vast collection of both pants and shorts in our state-of-the-art Flex Fabric.

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  • Tops

    Our Flex Collection is composed of durable, yet soft long sleeve and short sleeve shirts to keep you comfortable and protected on the job.

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  • Outer Wear

    Our Flex Collection gives you moveable fabric outerwear options to ensure top-notch quality and comfort in any environment.

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